Viral Video: A Deer ‘Hunting Hunter’s Mindset’ Wins the Heart of Netizens

The bravery of a deer is the talk of the twitter right now. Netizens are praising the bravery of the deer as it rushes towards the hunter and glares.

deer brave viral

Deer are considered by all to be the most tender-hearted creatures in the forest. Deer is also a favorite food of tigers and lions. There are also humans who hunts deer. A video of a deer standing bravely in front of such a hunter is now viral on Twitter. Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda posted this video on Twitter. Susanta Nanda has posted this video on Twitter with the title ‘The hunters hunting mindset was hunted’. Susanta Nanda IFS is constantly sharing cute animal videos on her Twitter page with over 1.5 lakhs of followers.

The video begins with the hunter stalking the deer. In the video, we can see that the deer instead of escaping from the hunter who came to hunt him, rushes towards him. After approaching the hunter, it stares at him for a few seconds. We also see the hunter, struggling to contain his laughter at this unexpected move, point a gun at the deer’s head for a joke. We can also see that ‘I wasn’t expecting that at all’ is written in the video. We can understand from this video that the hunter backed away from his move to subdue the deer.

Reactions to the Brave of Deer:

This video, which was shared on Twitter only a few hours ago, has received more than ten thousand views within a short period of time. Everyone shares the joy of not having to hunt the deer through the comments. Heart wrenching, How we break their trust has been commented by another Twitter user. Below the video, some are also expressing their displeasure at considering hunting as a sport.

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