Visual Challenge: Do You Have Sharp Eyes to Find Cat From The Viral Book Shelf Picture?

Today we have come with a challenge that is a bit difficult to solve. Such challenges will surely help you to sharpen your brain.

hidden cat

Our approach is a big factor in solving many visual challenges. If we have a serious approach then only seconds are enough to decode the challenge picture. If you want to become a visual challenge expert, we recommend you to start practicing easy challenges. Visual challenges help us to make our visual system strong and increase the cognitive function of the brain. It can help us in many things in our daily life. Needless to say that all optical illusion challenges fall under the visual challenge category.

Spot the Cat From Viral Image:

Today we are going to get acquainted with a visual challenge that has spread a lot of laughter on Twitter. We can see a shelf where books are stacked in the challenge picture. There are many items on this shelf including television. A cat is lurking on this shelf. Your mission is to find it in just 20 seconds.

Hope you are confident to trace the cat.

hidden cat
Remember that your time limit is 20 seconds.
It’s better if you can set a countdown on your watch.
Your time starts now.
Time is up.
Hope you traced the cat from that cluttered shelf.

Hints to Spot the Cat:

Are you won the challenge or still struggling?. Let me give a hints for struggling participants.

Hints: The color of the partially visible cat is white & Observe the centre part of the challenge picture to find it.

We know that these hints are enough for you to reach the answer. Animal lover Kate Hinds shared this challenge on Twitter with the caption ‘Today in find the cat’. Netizens took it up in no time. The difficulty in finding the answer is the reason why this challenge has gone viral. But some found the answer in seconds and shined.

Answer of ‘Today in find the cat’:

Many people’s attention when they first saw the picture would have gone to the books. But that’s not where the cat rests. As you found out, the cat is hiding under the television. Only the cat’s legs are shown up on the photo. We are admiring the observation skills of those who found the answer in seconds. She shared the picture of the bookshelf from her own house on Twitter. The cat in the picture is their pet named ‘Norah’.

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