Brain Teaser: Find The Famous Word ‘POKEMON’ From The Picture Within 10 Seconds 

03 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


What is Brain Teaser?

Brain teasers is a form of puzzle which requires cognitive thinking to solve.

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About Pokemon

Pokémon is an animated character that has been in the minds of people since 1996.

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What You Need to do?

The core of today’s challenge is the word ‘POKEMON’. You have to find that word within few seconds.

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The Time Limit 

If you can complete this challenge within 10 seconds then you are the champion.

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Shall we start challenge?

Hope you are ready to face this challenge. Then focus only on challenge picture.

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Your Turn

See if you can find the word 'POKEMON' with good concentration.

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Do You Want Any Hint?

The word ‘POKEMON’ is at the left side. Now leave looking to right side of the picture.

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Are you done?

Hope it’s done. Kudos to all participants. We are going to discuss answer up next

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Find ‘POKEMON’ Answer

The word ‘POKEMON’ is at the top left of the challenge picture.

Image Credit: Sparkpdf

Do you feel the need to end up more brain teasers like this?

We are recommending to face more challenges like this to boost your confidence. 

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