It’s Your Turn to Spot All 4 Seedless Watermelons From The Brain Teaser in 20 Seconds 

10 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


What are brain teasers with pictures called?

It’s called rebus puzzles. The type of brain teasers is also known as picture puzzles. Picture puzzles are very common puzzle for which likes everyone.

Image Credit: Unsplash

What are types of brain teasers?

There are many types of brain teasers. Illusion brain teaser, wording brain teaser, logical brain teasers and picture brain teasers are the very common type of brain teasers.

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What to do?

There are four seedless watermelons from the challenge picture. Let’s discuss about the time bound up next. 

Image Credit: Unsplash

Just 20 second

You have to finish this challenge within 20 seconds. We think this time limit is enough to finish this challenge.

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Shall we proceed?

Hope you are confident to find the four seedless watermelons within 20 seconds.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Let’s spot it.

This is challenge time. As you know, spot all four seedless watermelons within 20 seconds.

Image Credit: Sparkpdf


We assumes that you done the spotting of seedless watermelons. Kudos to all the winners.

Image Credit: Sparkpdf

Your interest matter

You will get the successful output from this challenge if you are interested only.

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If you like this… take more.

It’s great if you like to take these kind of more brain teasers. 

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