You Are a Champion if You Can Find The Odd Bat From The Lineup Within 10 Seconds? 

04 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


Can Brain Teasers Increase IQ?

Of course, your IQ level will increase gradually when you start facing brain teasers daily

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How to spot odd one fast?

First of all contestants should look carefully to line up of objects. The start comparing doubtful objects with others.

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What to do?

You can see the lineup of bats in the challenge picture. Find out odd one from that group to accomplish this challenge.

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This is 10 seconds testa

Try your best level to find the odd one within just 10 second

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Let’s attempt

Put maximum efforts from your side to complete this challenge. Hurry up.

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Do you want a hint?

The odd bat is at the left side of the challenge picture.

Image Credit: musicmagpie 

Let’s reattempt

Struggling contestants can reattempt the challenge now.

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As you can see, Odd bat is the fourth bat in the seventh row.

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Congratulations !

It was bit tricky, but you found it in given time. Congratulations to the winners. 

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How is the experience?

Hope you like this challenge. It’s recommended to face more this kind of challenges.

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