Find ‘Fishing’ Among Lot of Misspelled Words Within Just 9 Seconds. Can You?

10 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


How brain teasers can help us?

Brain teasers can help you in developing various skills. Some of those skills are observation skills, problem-solving skills and analytical skills.

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How visual literacy can help us to solve brain teasers?

Those with good visual literacy can solve brain teasers at a glance. Visual literacy is our ability to interpret a brain teaser picture within very few seconds.

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Fishing is a hobby that most people love. What about you?. Anyway ‘Fishing’ is our challenge word of today.

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How to win?

99% of the words of the picture are misspelled form of fishing. There is only a ‘Fishing’ in that picture. You have to spot it.

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Just Nine Second

We are decided to set a time bound to finish this challenge. So, here you have just 9 seconds to attempt ‘Fishing’ challenge.

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Starts now

Hurry up. Countdown starts now. Find ‘Fishing’ as soon as possible.

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The winner

As told earlier, the winners of this challenge is those who found the word ‘Fishing’ within 9 seconds. Other peoples can now try this challenge by taking more time.

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Answer Picture

You can view the word ‘Fishing’ at the forth row from the bottom. 

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Definitely we are recommending taking more brain teasers like this. We are happy to provide that.

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