Are You Intelligent to Find Out How Many ‘TESLA’ in The Brain Teaser Within 10 Seconds? 

02 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


Types of Brain Teaser

There are three types of brain teasers. Which is magic squares, rebus puzzles and rhyming words.

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Why netizens loves brain teaser

The reality is that netizens love the brain teaser solving process. They have already taken up solving brain teasers as a hobby.

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What you need to do now?

You have to do one thing. Can you see names of lot of companies on the the picture?. You have to find that how many ‘TESLA’ on that picture.

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The Time Bound

You have 10 seconds to complete this challenge. We decided this time limit to set a challenge mood on your mind.

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Shall We Start?

Now, it’s you time. Hope you are ready to face this challenge. This challenge is not too tough. You have to attempt this challenges carefully to finish it within the time bound.

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Challenge Starting Now

Can you see the challenge picture?. Then find number of ‘TESLA’ on the picture within just 10 seconds.

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Hope majority of you solve the challenge. Is there anyone who still struggling for the answer?. Let me discuss the answer up next.

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Here is the Answer

There is two ‘TESLA’ on the challenge picture. First ‘TESLA’ is at the seventh row and the second one is at the ninth row.

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How is it?

Hope you like this challenge. Definitely this kind of challenges is best for your productivity. Try to take more like this in future.

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Are you interested to take more?

We know that you are interesting to take more this kind of challenges. We are here to provide you with more challenges.

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