IQ Test: Can You Spot Three Lemons Among Lot of Bright Yellow Chicks? 

05 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


What is IQ Test?

IQ tests are a way to test your cognitive abilities. Here you are going to attempt a simple IQ test.

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Benefits of IQ Tests?

The kind of IQ tests you're going to do right now will help you for self development.

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The Challenge

There is lot of yellow bright chicks in the challenge picture. The creator of the picture hided three lemons among that. You have to find that.

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The time bound

There is a 15 second time limit for this challenge.

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It’s your time

Let’s find three lemons among bright yellow chicks within 15 seconds.

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Do you spotted?

Did you spot all three lemons correctly or are you still struggling.

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Why this challenge is tough?

Since chicks and lemons have the same color, perhaps you'll be a little tough to crack this challenge.

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Now, you can see the positions of three lemon

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Do you wish to take more?

If yes, we will arrange more brain teasers and IQ tests for you. 

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