Brain Teaser: Spot Three Bananas Hidden Among Lot of Minions Within 15 Seconds 

01 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


Benefits of Brain teaser

The major benefit of attempting brain teasers are the increased focus and concentration. By taking brain teasers on regular basis, you can feel it.

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Favorite of Netizen

Brain teasers are the favorite choice of netizens. They are enjoying solving brain teasers at the social media platforms.

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The Challenge For You

You can see a picture filled with lot of bright yellow minions up next. The creator included three banana among those minions.

Image Credit: Unsplash

15 Second

We decided a time bound of 15 seconds to create a challenge mood on your mind. So, try your level best to finish the challenge within the time bound.

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Let’s Start the Challenge

Remember, you have to find three bananas hidden among minions within 15 seconds. Hope you are ready. Be cool, this is easier than you think.

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Challenge Starting Now

Let’s attempt the challenge. Countdown of 15 seconds starts now. Hurry up, It’s your turn.

Image Credit: Gergely Dudas 

Congratulation !

We are admiring your observations skills to find bananas within 15 seconds. Anyone still searching for bananas?. Look to the answer up next to view all bananas.

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How do you feeling now?

As we told earlier, this is an easiest brain teaser. Hope you are confident more than earlier. Yes, brain teasers like this will boost your confidence.

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Here is the 3 Banana

As you can see each bananas at the top middle and bottom. The same color of the minions and bananas are creating resistance on finding you the answer.

Image Credit: Gergely Dudas

Are you still hungry to attempt more brain teasers like this?

If ‘Yes’, we are here for you. Let’s take find ‘March’ challenge within 10 seconds.  

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