Can You Trace The Diamond Ring Lost in The Carrot Field Within 13 Seconds? 

17 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


What are the history of optical illusions?

The concept of optical illusion is centuries old. Everyone thinks that the beginning of optical illusions as we see them today is in ancient Greece.

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Is optical illusion pictures magic?

No, optical illusion pictures are not a magic. Optical illusion pictures are just created to trick your brain. By looking carefully.

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Spot Ring

This is a small carrot garden. A valuable diamond ring has been lost here. You have to find that to conquer this challenge

Image Credit: Unsplash

Time Bound

The time bound decided by us to accomplish this challenge is 13 second

Image Credit: Unsplash

Going to start

Hope you will obey the time bound. Up next, we will show the challenge picture in front of you.

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Start Search

Try your level best to spot diamond ring within time bound. 13 seconds going to end soon.

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Some may have been able to spot the diamond ring right away. But some may still be looking for it.

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Yes, as you can see there is a diamond ring above a carat on the left.

Image Credit: Sparkpdf

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