Optical Illusion IQ Test: Spot Grasshopper in 10 Seconds 

16 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


Do optical illusions trick your brain?

Yes, that’s the purpose of the optical illusion pictures. Even a simple optical illusion picture can also trick your brain. 

Image Credit: Unsplash

Is optical illusion pictures magic?

No, optical illusion pictures are not a magic. Optical illusion pictures are just created to trick your brain. By looking carefully.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Spot Grasshopper

The creator of this challenge claiming that a grasshopper is hiding among these leaves. You have to find it.

Image Credit: Unsplash

10 Second

You can spend the next 10 seconds to complete this challenge.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Be ready

Just relax now and this challenge is easier than you think. 

Image Credit: Unsplash

This is the time

Hurry up. Challenge started. Loo to image carefully and spot grasshopper.

Image Credit: Sparkpdf

Did it?

Do you obeyed the time time bound and spotted grasshopper?. Hope you did it. We will show the answer up next 

Image Credit: Unsplash

Position of grasshopper

Look to bottom right carefully, you too can spot the grasshopper.

Image Credit: Sparkpdf

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