Word Puzzle: Are You Ready to Find The Word ‘Cricket’ Within 10 Seconds? 

09 MARCH 2023

 By Zameel Mhmd


Are word puzzles just a time pass?

No. We get a lot of benefits through word puzzles. Some of them are the increase in memory power and attention span.

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Are word puzzles a productive habit?

Of course, word  puzzles are all a productive habit because we get many advantages when we solve brain teasers.

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What you have to spot?

You have to spot the word ‘Cricket’ from the challenge image within the prescribed time bound

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Time Bound

The time limit to complete this challenge is just 10 seconds. Try to complete it within the time bound.

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Going to start

We are going to start the challenge. Be cool and take a deep breath before attempting the challenge.

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Starts now

Be hurry. Just 10 seconds left. Let’s spot the word ‘Cricket’

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Do you nailed it? Kudos if you. We are recommending strugglers to take this challenge again by spending some more time.

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Your opinion

Hope you are in love with word puzzles. As told at the beginning, word puzzles are a productive habit to implement in your life.

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Take more

Do you feeling like you want more these kind of challenges?. If ‘yes’, we are here for you.

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