Word Puzzle: Are You Intelligent to Find Word ‘Oscar’ From The Picture Within 8 Seconds?

Everyone has seen the announcement of the 95th Oscars. But today we can do a challenge with the word ‘Oscar’.

Find Oscar Challenge
Find ‘Oscar’ Challenge

The Oscars are announced at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA. Oscars are also known as Academy Awards, which started in 1929. The famous comedian Jimmy Kimmel was the host of the 95th Academy Awards last night. Everyone was surprised by ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ which won 7 awards including Best Picture. Malaysian Michelle Yeoh won Best Actress for her role in the same film. Whale Brendan Fraser won award for Best Actor for the performance of ‘The Whale’. The Oscars, the world’s oldest film awards, are awarded every year for the best performances in 23 categories.

Find ‘Oscar’ Challenge:

You can see the shape of the Oscar trophy in the background of today’s challenge picture. Most of the words in the film challenge are ‘Ocsar’, which is an incorrect form of Oscar. There is only ‘Oscar’ among these. We challenge you to find it in just 8 seconds. But let’s start the challenge.

Are you ready for ‘Oscar’ Challenge?

Find Oscar Challenge
Shall we proceed?
Remember, just 8 seconds is the time bound.
Time is up.

Hint to Find ‘Oscar’:

Were you able to successfully complete the Find ‘Oscar’ challenge? We think that most of the people would not have been able to complete this challenge within the given time. Some people may have completed this challenge by taking more time than we let on. Let us give a hint for those who have not been able to find ‘Oscar’ despite taking a lot of time.

Hint: We are going to split the image in two. So ‘Oscar’ is on the right side of the image.

Shall we proceed to answer discussion? Recommended to look to the answer session only after putting your maximum efforts.

Answer of Find ‘Oscar’ Challenge?

As you can see ‘Oscar’ is third from the right in the fourth row in the picture. If you like this kind of challenge then try our spot ‘Election’ challenge.

Answer of find oscar challenge
‘Oscar’ Challenge Answer

Image Credit: SparkPDF

‘Oscar’ Challenge – FAQ:

How can I sharpen my brain?

Word puzzles are the best way to sharpen your brain. Not only word puzzles, we are recommending you the all kind of brain teasers and optical illusion to make your brain sharper.

What habits increase IQ?

There have many productive habits to increase your IQ. Among that brain teasers and word puzzles are the most effective one to increase your IQ quickly

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