Word Puzzle: Can You Spot The Word ‘Election’ Within 10 Seconds?

Election is a word that we are all familiar with. This word is the core of our today’s challenge. Will you be able to crack this challenge today.

spot word election challenge

Election is a very familiar word for us. It is possible that you have seen at least the news about an election happening somewhere in the world through the media every day. You must have noticed the news of the recent Nigerian presidential election. The USA, India and the UK are some of the important democracies in the world. In most of these countries, there are some smaller elections that take place on most days. Elections are the soul of democracy. Everyone tries to make the most of the opportunity that people get to elect the best administrators.

Spot ‘Election’ Word Puzzle:

How cautious will you be when voting in the election. You need to be equally cautious in approaching this challenge. Today’s challenge picture has only a ‘Election’. We challenge you to find it in just 10 seconds. We believe that you can do that.

Be ready to spot the word ‘Election’.

spot word election challenge
Be focused and try to finish this challenge within prescribed time.
10 seconds is your time limit.
Your time starts now.
10 seconds finished.

Hint to Spot The Word ‘Election’:

If you’re tired of looking for the word ‘Election’, let us help you. Are you confident that if you give a hint, you will be able to come to the answer in just 10 seconds? Please reattempt the challenge after reading the hint given below.

Hint: The word ‘Election is at the right part of the picture.

Hope you also got the answer. Let me discuss the answer below to verify your findings.

Answer of Find ‘Election’ Challenge:

In the second row, the word ‘Election’ is located from the left side to the third. If you like this challenge, then try to locate the word ‘Defect’.

Image Source: SparkPDF

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