Word Puzzle: Find Famous Auto Brand ‘HONDA’ From The Picture Within 8 Seconds

Who does not know about the brand Honda? Aren’t they the best car manufacturers in the world? But ‘Honda’ is our challenge word today.

Find Honda Challenge
Find ‘HONDA’ Word Puzzle

Honda is an automobile brand established in Japan in 1948. Honda is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo Metropolitan Area of Japan. Honda is the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and dominates the automobile sector. Apart from motorcycles, Honda manufactures cars and many other machinery. No doubt Honda is a trusted brand for everyone. We think we have managed to share a few things you may not know about the Honda. But let’s go to the ‘HONDA’ challenge.

Spot ‘Honda’ Word Puzzle:

Today we are bringing you one of the simplest formats in the word puzzle family. Try this challenge which can be easily conquered by anyone. I think you have seen the challenge picture. All you have to do is find ‘HONDA’ from this image. The time limit we give you to find ‘HONDA’ is just 8 seconds.

Are you ready to spot ‘Honda’?

Find Honda Challenge
You have just 8 seconds to accomplish this challenge
Be ready and hurry
Clock is ticking
Got it?
8 seconds finished.

Hint to Find ‘Honda’:

How was this task of finding the word ‘HONDA’? Those who found the answer must have felt a boost of confidence through this task. Those struggling for answers are probably tired. Don’t worry, we are with you. We have prepared a help line for you in the form of hint.

Hint: Let us divide the picture into three parts. So ‘HONDA’ is in the middle.

Attempt this challenge again after reading the hint. But don’t be lazy.

Answer of Find ‘HONDA’ Challenge:

‘HONDA’ is in the fourth row of the picture. To be exact, the position of ‘HONDA’ is sixth in the fourth row.

Find ‘HONDA’ Answer

Image Source: SparkPDF

Find ‘HONDA’ Word Puzzle – FAQ:

What are the learning outcomes of word puzzles?

There are many outcomes for practicing word puzzles regularly. The main outcome is the improvement in vocabulary and spatial reasoning.

What is the purpose of a word puzzle?

There are so many purpose for a word puzzle. The three main purpose of word puzzles are improvement of observation skill, problem-solving skill and spatial reasoning.

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