Word Puzzle: Find ‘Monday’ From The Picture in Under 6 Seconds

Monday is the day that many consider as the beginning of a week. But let this ‘Monday’ be our challenge word of today. But let’s get started.

Find Monday challenge

As you know Monday is a week day between Sunday and Tuesday. As mentioned earlier, most countries of the world consider Monday as the first day of the week. It is believed that ‘Monday’ was born from the English word ‘Monenday’. Since Sunday is a holiday in most countries, Monday is very important in our lives. We enter Monday after overcoming the laziness of Sunday. Every Monday is an opportunity for a new beginning. I hope you are ready to take on this challenge.

Find ‘Monday’ Word Puzzle:

The word ‘Modnay’ is what you will see in today’s challenge pic. Meanwhile we have hidden a ‘Monday’ among that. We want to know if you’re up for the challenge of finding it. Find it in just 6 seconds if you are ready. Welcome to our challenge box below.

This is a too easy word puzzle.

Find Monday challenge
Put your best efforts to find ‘Monday’.
The time bound is 6 seconds.
Your time started.
6 seconds finished just now.

Hints to Find ‘Monday’:

Do you spotted ‘Monday’ from this word puzzle? We appreciate your observation if possible. If anyone is still struggling to find ‘Monday’ then let us help you out. Let me give you a hint. It is your responsibility to reach the answer through it.

Hint: The image can be bisected horizontally. When doing so, ‘Monday’ is in the topper portion of the challenge picture

What is your plan after reading Hint? We recommend that you should reattempt this challenge as soon as possible.

Answer of Find ‘Monday’ Word Puzzle:

As in the solution below, ‘Monday’ is almost in the middle of the third row. I assumes that you spotted the correct one.

Image Credit: SparkPDF

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