Word Puzzle: Find Number of The Word ‘Email’ in Picture Within Just 13 Seconds

There is no one who does not know what email is. Emails are a part of our lives today. Are you ready to try our Email challenge today?

Find how many email in this puzzle challenge
‘Email’ Word Puzzle

Here we prepare for you not only the opportunity to attend the word puzzle. We want to try the word puzzle and tell you a little about email. Email is the full form of electronic mail. Emails help you to send messages in electronic form. There are very few people these days who don’t have an email address. Gmail, Google’s official email service, is the most used email service in the world. Microsoft’s outlook is second in this list. Most people use email for work purposes rather than personal purposes.

Find No. of ‘Email’ Challenge:

First of all, take a look at today’s challenge picture. You will see the word ‘Eamil’ prominently in that picture. In the same picture there are the words ‘Email’. It is your responsibility to find out how many there are. We can only give one hint now that there is more than one. We can set a time limit of 13 seconds to complete this challenge.

Let’s find no. of ‘Email’.

Find how many email in this puzzle challenge
First of all, relax yourself.
Just 13 second is the time limit.
Timer on. Hurry up.
13 seconds finished.

Hint to Find No. of ‘Email’:

How is your finding? Can you tell for sure how many ‘Emails’ are in this picture? I think maybe if you get a hint you will be able to come up with an answer very quickly, so here is the hint for you.

Hint: As you can see today’s challenge image has ten columns. All the ‘Emails’ are in the first five columns.

Hope the hint we gave you was useful. But let’s discuss this challenge answer officially below.

Answer of How Many ‘Email’ Challenge:

In total there are three ‘Emails’ in today’s challenge picture. As mentioned in the hint, all the ‘Email’s are in the 5 columns on the left side. The first is in the 3rd row and the second is in the 5th row. The position of the third ‘Email’ is in the tenth row.

Answer of find how many emails in this puzzle
‘Email’ Word Puzzle Answer

Image Source: SparkPDF

‘Email’ Challenge – FAQ:

What do word puzzles do for the brain?

Word puzzles are good for intelligence of brain. Word puzzles is an activity than can activate both sides of the brain. Word puzzles are especially good for brain development of kids.

What are the rules for word puzzle?

You have to spot the words among lot of letters in a word puzzle. The participants should find the solution for a word puzzle within prescribed time.

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