Word Puzzle: Are You Ready to Find The Word ‘Cricket’ Within 12 Seconds?

Today we are here with a very simple optical illusion challenge. You can check your visual literacy by attempting this challenge.

Spot the word cricket

About the Word ‘Cricket’:

Cricket is a very popular sport. After football, cricket is the most played sport in the world. The word ‘cricket’ has two meanings. The first is the sports game that we have just mentioned called cricket. And the insect that makes the annoying sound that we hear at night is also called cricket.

Find the Word ‘Cricket’ Challenge:

There are a total of 176 sentences in today’s challenge picture. 175 of these are ‘Crictek’ which is a misspelled form of the word ‘Cricket’. Now you have to find the one and only ‘Cricket’ in the picture. We hope you can find it in less than 12 seconds.

Are you excited to find ‘Cricket’?

Spot the word cricket
Remember, 12 seconds are your time limit.
Your time starts now.
Time is up
Don’t be disappointed if you fail. Try again by reading the hints given below.

Hints to Find ‘Cricket’:

Congratulations to those who passed in the first attempt. Let’s consider the next one as the second round of this challenge. You can reattempt the challenge after reading the two hints given below. Never read both hints together. Read the second hint only if you don’t get the answer through the first hint.

Hint 1: The word ‘Cricket’ is at the left side of the picture

Let’s re-attempt the challenge by spending 12 seconds. Still you are unanswered, read the second hint provided below.

Hint 2: It’s almost on the middle area

We know that you spotted the word ‘Cricket’ successfully. Anyway, the solution of this challenge is discussed below.

Answer of Find ‘Cricket’ Challenge:

We have created this challenge to test the literacy of all of us. Hopefully, most people have successfully completed this challenge with the hints we have provided. As you can see, the word ‘cricket’ is on the left side of the picture, roughly in the middle.

Image Credit: Sparkpdf

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