Word Puzzle: Find Word ‘Come’ Among Lot of ‘Came’ Within Just 8 Seconds

Attempting word puzzles is beneficial not only for children but also for adults. Today we are here with a new word puzzle.

Find word come among came

The main benefit we get from word puzzles is that it increases our patience. The answer can be found only if you give good concentration to each word puzzle. If we are dedicated and put effort, we can get answers by spending minutes. That’s why i am telling that word puzzles can improve our patience. In children, word puzzles are used by teachers and parents to increase vocabulary. Crossword puzzles are the most popular among the word puzzles. The challenge we are going to give today is the simplest form of word puzzle. The winners are those who complete the challenge in a very short time.

Find ‘Come’ Word Puzzle:

You can see the word Came in today’s challenge picture. There is a ‘Come’ among many ‘Came’. As you know, Came is the past tense form of Come. Your challenge is to find it. How long do you think it will take to find ‘Come’? Since this is a challenge, we have set a time bound. That time bound is just 8 seconds.

Let’s spot ‘Come’ within 8 seconds.

Find word come among came
Be fast. The winner is those who found ‘Come’ within shortest time.
Let’s get ready.
Your 8 seconds starts now.
Time is up.

Hint to Spot ‘Come’:

How many of you have successfully figured out ‘Come’? I congratulate all who made it possible. We know some are still searching for ‘Come’. If so, let us help them through a hint.

Hint: The word ‘Come’ is on the top of the challenge picture

Spoiler Alert. Don’t scroll below by mistake. We are discussing the answer below.

Answer of Spot ‘Come’ Challenge:

As you can see ‘Come’ is on the right in the second row. Are you interested in facing this kind of challenge again? If yes, try our Find Famous Game ‘PUBG’ challenge.

Image Source: SparkPDF

Spot ‘Come’ Challenge- FAQ:

Can word puzzles enhance problem-solving skills?

Yes, all kind of word puzzle can increase problem-solving skills. Not only word puzzles all kind of brain teasers can increase problem-solving skill drastically. The problem-solving skill achieving through this method will be even useful in our daily life.

Why attempting word puzzles are relaxing?

While solving each word puzzles there will be a pleasure feeling on your brain. Through this you can feel so relaxed.

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