You Are a Champion if You Can Find The Odd Bat From The Lineup Within 9 Seconds?

Perhaps at first glance this challenge may seem easy for you. For someone with the best observation skills, this challenge is easy. Are u ready to spot odd bat?.

spot odd bat
Spot Odd Bat Challenge

Find odd one are one of the most difficult challenge among brain teasers. Even after spending several minutes on these challenges, most people are unable to find odd objects. Most find odd one challenges will have a picture of a number of objects lined up. Only a single object will have a minute difference in the identically arranged objects. Spotting this is a bit of a daunting task, isn’t it? The only thing you need to do to solve these kinds of challenges is to observe all the objects very carefully and quickly. Let’s get to the odd bat challenge.

Find Odd Bat Challenge:

Can’t you see a lot of bats in the challenge picture? One of those bats is a little different. Can you find out which bat it is. You can be the champion in this challenge if you can do it in just 9 seconds. You can approach this challenge as the best opportunity to test your observation skills.

Shall we start the challenge?.

spot odd bat
As told earlier, you have 9 seconds.
Your time starts now.
Time is up.
If you not succeeded, then we will help you with a link

Hint to Spot Odd Bat:

Some may still be looking for odd bats. Please stop the search for a while. We’ll give you a hint. Try and see if you can spot the odd bat through that hint.

Hint: The odd bat is at the bottom side of the picture.

Don’t be lazy by leaving this challenge. You must search for the odd bat again by using our hint.

The Odd Bat Spotted:

Odd bat is the fourth bat in the seventh row. Take a closer look at that bat. It has some differences from the appearance of other bats. If you’ve enjoyed this challenge then try spot-odd football challenge up next.

the odd bat answer


What is spot the odd one out?

Spot odd one out is challenge is a brain teaser. You have to spot the unique object from the lineup at the spot odd one out challenge.

How do you choose an odd one out answer?

First of all contestants should look carefully to line up of objects. Then start comparing the each object with others. The uniqueness of the object may be the shape or look.

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