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YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Application Form PDF is helpful to claim benefits through Matsyakara Bharosa in Andhra. Fishing is one of the largest labour sector of Andhra Pradesh. As per recent reports, nearly eight lakhs of peoples throughout Andhra Pradesh are engaged in fishing. Andhra Pradesh is ranked at third position in terms of states have most coastline in India. Andhra Pradesh have 972 km of coastline with eleven ports and four fishing harbors. Also, Andhra is state with 40 rivers and Godavari, Krishna are important rivers of them.

The fishing based on rivers are also strong on Andhra Pradesh. The influence of fishing sector is huge about economy of Andhra Pradesh. The youths of traditional fisherman families are attracting to fishing because of the all reasons mentioned earlier. The annual fishing resource of Andhra Pradesh is nearly three lakh tonnes. Anyway, fisherman’s are one of the underprivileged section of the society. So, Government of Sri. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy introduced YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme to help fisherman’s throughout Andhra Pradesh.

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PDF NameYSR Matsyakara Bharosa Application Form PDF
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BeneficiaryFisherman of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra’s Chief Minister announced YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme on 21st November 2019. As you know, 21st November is celebrated as the World Fishing Day. So, YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme is a gift of Andhra Government to fisherman’s during their own day.

Eligibility of YSR Matsyakara Bharosa:

First of all, you have to aware about the eligibility before proceeding to application submission. The eligibilities are the following.

  • The fisherman applying for the benefits should be registered under fishing department of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The fisherman should be a permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Single fisherman from a family is permitted to receive benefits during a disbursement period.
  • The applicants within age of 18 and 60 years can apply for scheme.

Benefits of YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme:

YSR Matsyakara Bharosa is a scheme aiming social transformation of fishing families. The financial assistance is the main attraction among the benefits and all benefits following below.

  • Rs, 10,000 of annual financial assistance will give to each eligible fisherman. The assistance amount are increased from 4,000 to 10,000 by implementing YSR Matsyakara Bharosa scheme. The amount will disburse during Trawling ban prolonging April to July month.
  • The fisherman’s working with motorized and non-motorized nets are eligible for financial assistance. The fisherman’s working with traditional equipment’s can upgrade their equipment’s to modern technology by using the financial assistance.
  • The diesel subsidy amount is increased to Rs. 9 per liter from 6.03 per liter. Boats filling diesel through 81 stations are eligible for the subsidy amount.
  • The insurance of Rs. 10 lakhs also included in the scheme will disburse in case of accidental death or disability during fishing. The amount will give to family in case of death of beneficiary.

Aqua Labs For Aqua Farmers:

Establishing 46 aqua labs through out Andhra Pradesh is the part of YSR Matsyakara Bharosa scheme. These labs are targeting aqua farmers aqua culturists of the state. The budget allocated for setting up of lab are Rs. 56.53 crores. Registered aqua farmers can test quality of feed and water for planning aquaculture.

Other Benefits For Aqua Farmers:

There are 54,550 aqua farmers in Andhra Pradesh. Jagananna government decided to give subsidy to aqua farmers for electricity at the rate Rs. 150 per unit. 720 crores of budget is allocated for electricity subsidy. Also, AP Government declares that the canals will give on lease for hatching eggs at low cost.

Objectives of Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme:

There are some objectives behind implementation of YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme. Some of them are following below.

  • Over 1,08,755 of families of fishermen will get benefits under this scheme. The poverty eradication among fisherman families are the primary objective.
  • Modernization of the fishing is targeting by giving more subsidy for diesel and providing a financial assistance of ten thousand.
  • Save fisherman’s family from debt traps due to poverty at trawling ban season.
  • Upliftment of fishing sector from pandemic situations.

Budget and Disbursement:

The Government of Andhra Pradesh spends over 400 crores under YSR Matsyakara Bharosa scheme. The project is started on 2019 and implementing for four consecutive years until 2022. The disbursal process of the financial assistance are happening just before the trawling ban of every year. Sri, Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, C.M of Andhra are inaugurating disbursal process of every year from his camp office situating at Tadepalli. The budget and number of families are almost stable throughout four consecutive years. The budget is over 100 crores and the number of families getting benefits are over one lakh on every year. The detailed chart of four consecutive years are following. 2021 is the successful year among the four with a budget of 119 crores.

Installment & YearBudgetNo. of Beneficiary Families
4th & 2022108.751,08,755 Families
3rd & 2021119.871,19,875 Families
2nd & 2020109.231,09,231 Families
1st & 2019102.481,02,478 Families

How to Apply For YSR Matsyakara Bharosa:

The documents required to apply for YSR Matsyakara Bharosa scheme are the basic documents like identity proofs, bank account details, registration certificate with recently taken passport size photo and contact details like mobile number and email id. Any of the eligible candidates can apply for YSR Matsyakara Bharosa scheme benefits through online by visiting official website. Andhra Pradesh government will renew guidelines for application every year and they will release it through website and media. We are recommending to obey the guidelines until you get the financial assistance at your bank account. An eligible candidate can approach volunteers of organizations working among fisherman’s to draft a application for YSR Matsyakara Bharosa scheme.

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